Abstract Submission – General Guidelines and Regulations


Call for Abstracts and Abstract Submission Guidelines

The Scientific Program Committee and the Organizing Committee welcome the submission of original contributions for oral and poster presentation at the 1st South Eastern European Paediatric Respiratory Congress 2020.


DEADLINE: 24 AUGUST 2020 at 23:59 CET

Abstracts can only be submitted in the online form on the 1st SEEPR Congress website. Abstracts submitted via email, post or fax will not be accepted.


General information  

Instructions to authors

Carefully read the guidelines below before submitting your abstract:

Abstracts not adhering to 1st SEEPR Congress Submission – General Guidelines and Regulations will be rejected. The final decision about acceptance of an abstract will be taken by the Scientific Program Committee. The Congress does not communicate, nor enter into correspondence on the reason for acceptance or rejection of an abstract.

Each author can be listed only once as the presenting author (presenting author is always the first named author in the author block) on one (1) abstract. Each additional abstract will be removed from the system and will not be forwarded to the Scientific Committee for review. Presenting authors may be co-authors of other abstracts. It is mandatory that the presenting author of any abstract accepted for presentation attends the Congress to present his / her paper and have already paid a full registration fee. Failure to do so, without prior or adequate explanation sent to the Congress secretariat office by e-mail, may result in the author or the institution being banned from presenting abstracts.

Upon submission, a confirmation email will be sent to the submitters email address. If you do not receive the confirmation e-mail, please do not submit the abstract again. Instead, please contact the Registration Secretariat at registrations@paediatricrespiratory.eu for advice.


Submission Categories

Abstracts can be submitted in the bellow different topics:

  • Paediatric Asthma
  • Sleep & Breathing disorders
  • Cystic Fibrosis


Declaration of conflict of interest

1st SEEPR Congress is committed to ensuring the integrity of scientific, educational, and research programs. Abstract submission requires disclosure of any financial or other interest that might be construed as resulting in an actual, potential, or apparent conflict. The submitter is responsible for obtaining disclosure information from all co- authors, to be entered in the author section of the submission page.


Submission guidelines


Technical requirements

Online Submission

Please click on the bellow link with the button “Online Abstract Submission” for entering the submission form. You can submit your abstracts until the submission deadline on 24th of August 2020, 23:59 CET.

Abstract language and length

Abstracts and presentations must be written in English. The maximum length allowed for an abstract is 2500 characters (approximately 350 words) including blank spaces. The abstract title, the author(s) or names of institutions are not included in the count of 2500 characters.


Tables and Figures

If appropriate one table and one figure (uploaded as a picture) are allowed.


Abstract structure and content

The abstract must be structured, we require a brief statement of the purpose of the study and/or the underlying hypotheses (background), the method used, the results observed, and the conclusions based upon the results. Abstracts without results will be rejected.

For drugs exclusively generic names should be used (no trademarks).


Consent for publication of individual patient data

For the publication of an abstract that contains identifiable information about patients, it is necessary that patients have given consent for the research to be published. For all abstracts that include identifiable patient details (e.g. gender, age, illness, location) or images, written informed consent for the publication of these must be obtained from the patient (or their parent or legal guardian). It is the author’s responsibility to obtain written informed consent for publication of clinical details and/or clinical images from the patient/parent/guardian/relative of the patient. A respective statement needs to be included in the abstract text.


Presentation formats and abstract topics

Accepted abstracts selected by expert reviewers will be presented in any of the following sessions: Oral Abstract Sessions & Poster Discussion Sessions. In addition, authors should indicate the thematic area (see Abstract categories) their abstract should be assigned to. Please note that the final decisions regarding the allocation and the type of presentation of the submitted abstract will be made by the Scientific Committee. It is the author’s responsibility to submit a correct abstract. Any errors in spelling, grammar or scientific fact will be reproduced as typed by the author as no editing or proofreading will be done by the Scientific Committee. Please note that each year a number of abstracts are rejected because of poor English or because they contain no or incomplete data.


Oral Abstract Session

The Oral Abstract Sessions consist of six presentations of six minutes each and each presentation is followed by four minutes for discussion. The sessions has an introductory by one of the chairs. As presenter you are required to prepare a MS PowerPoint presentation featuring the main findings of your work.


Poster Discussion Session

The Poster Discussion Session will take place in designated areas in the poster area and will allow for presentation of your work in electronic format. Your PDF will be made available on large touch screens, allowing the audience to gather in front of the screens. Each Poster Discussion Session contains 12 – 18 posters and runs for 90 minutes. Each abstract presenter will have the opportunity to summarize their main findings in 4 – 6 minutes.


Due to the 1st SEEPR Congress green mentality, no paper posters are allowed.


Notification of acceptance

Notifications of acceptance or rejection of the abstracts will be sent to the presenting author of the abstract by end of September 2020, including all the further information about the type, date and time of presentation.


Data Privacy

By certifying that you have read these submission rules, you also confirm having received the prior approval from the co-authors to provide their data to the 1st SEEPR Congress 2020. The information collected in this call for abstract submission is subject to data processing to proceed with the elaboration of the Scientific Program during the 1st SEEPR Congress 2020 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

By submitting this abstract, you understand that your personal data will be stored and shared with INSPIRO, WELCOME, the 1st SEEPR Congress Committees, and abstract reviewers involved in the abstract selection for the 1st SEEPR Congress 2020.

By submitting this abstract, you agree to transfer the copyright to Welcome Ltd and 1st SEEPR Congress 2020.


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